End 2012 Gangnam Style


Even as a year hurtles towards a climax, one of a happy, heart-warming things 2012 will be best remembered for is that South Korean tsunami that sent a universe in a thrall Gangnam Style! Indeed, what Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di did for India and Indians, demolishing informative and denunciation barriers and contracting people by a sounds of music, South Korean cocktail star Park Jai-Sang, popularly famous as Psy, has finished not only for his nation though globally. Gangnam Style is truly a crossover lane from a East to a West — something that took actor Jackie Chan 3 decades to achieve. And Psy’s success is a good covenant to a concept interest of familiar music. Can one afterwards censure a universe for purgation and going a small crazy Gangnam Style? South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Choe Kwang-shik believes a video is a large step in introducing Korean enlightenment to a world. Even a routinely sombre-faced United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon could not sojourn unblushing by a foot-tapping stroke hailing it a “force for universe peace”. A pitch of universe assent for some and an idol for domestic activism for Chinese domestic romantic and anarchist Ai Weiwei who attempted to make a indicate about his 2011 detain by Chinese authorities by uploading videos of himself dancing Gangnam Style with a span of handcuffs. And there are others who feel that a best approach to keep a attribute alive —  is dance a ‘Gangnam Style’. Caught in a Gangnam frenzy is US President Barack Obama who has betrothed to do a famous wide-legged equine stairs for a First Lady in a White House. Not bad for a garland of crazy dance moves that has got some-more than a 30,000 peep host grooving opposite a globe, with even London Mayor Boris Johnson revelation to strutting to a eager beats with Prime Minister David Cameron over a weekend. But that’s a beauty of Gangnam Style — it’s universal, it is crazy and to date it is one of a many watched videos on YouTube.

Reportedly, it has surfaced a charts in 28 countries and captivated over a billion hits, and counting, on amicable media sites. Officially deemed by a Guinness World Records as a many ‘liked’ video in YouTube history, this Korean lane is not only renouned since of a singular ability to cranky informative borders, though since of a disrespect that shamelessly mocks a pretensions of people who secretly associate themselves with a fashions and styles of Seoul’s Gangnam district. Korean cocktail star Psy invented a Gangnam character to ridicule a pretensions of Seoul’s rich adults and also to navigate a worldwide audience, to promulgate with a widespread culture. Without doubt a lane is insubordinate in as most as it has altered a approach we understand a rest of a universe and stretched a bargain and prophesy to embody all from conform to a denunciation of new cultures.