Has Joseph got proof to show that Mullaperiyar dam would collapse …


KOTTAYAM: PC George MLA has asked whether former water resources minister P J Joseph is in possession of the proof to show that Mullaperiyar dam would collapse.

“On November 23, 2011, Joseph announced that Mullaperiyar dam would burst. Even after six years, the dam is safe. He has to explain under what circumstances he made that comment,” George demanded at a press conference here on Tuesday.
Earlier, George had alleged that Joseph had been spreading the rumour that Mullaperiyar dam would burst ever since he entered into a deal with a Swiss company for building a new dam for Rs 1000 crore.

“Joseph owes the responsibility for loss incurred by Malayalis due to his irresponsible announcements. He has to make it clear whether he had held discussion with the Switzerland company for building the new dam. If that has happened, there is something dubious about the deal clinched without any official permission,” said George, who added that he would not be deterred by Joseph’s legal notice, asking the former to withdraw the allegations regarding Mullaperiyar.

In his legal notice, Joseph had said that if the allegations were not withdrawn, civil and criminal legal procedures would be initiated against George.