RAAF seeks separate ministry for road safety


Talking to newspersons here, RAAF State President K M Abdu said such a step would be necessary to coordinate revenue, police, motor vehicle and public works to prevent growing accidents.

This would also help in streamlining the functioning of Road Safety authority with public participation, he said.

Stating that 22,224 people were killed in separate road accidents from 2005 to 2010 in the state, he called upon newly elected MLAs in the recent election, results of which would be declared on May 13, to stress for a separate ministry for road safety.

According to RAAF, as many as 2,55,713 people were crippled after suffering serious injuries in 2,31,669 road accidents during the period.

In the last year alone, 3,922 people were killed and 41,207 others sustained serious injuries in 35,046 road accidents, he informed.

The organisation was involved in various actions, including road safety campaign, drivers meet, guidance on traffic rules, to create awareness among people on the issue, he added.