Sasikala Natarajan left questioning ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’, O Panneerselvam singing ‘Ara Ra Ra Raa’


Chennai, Feb 14: Now that the Supreme Court has cleared all the speculations regarding Sasikala Natarajan vs O. Panneerselvam, it is clear that Chinnamma will not be in the Chief Minister political tussle between the two. After the 8-day long fight, Sasikala Natarajan will now in peace while wondering why, how, when, what? A li’l birdie told us that Sasikala was positive before the verdict that she will be cleared of all the charges. While she was thinking all the positive stuff to happen to her, the Supreme Court must have had “You are positive? Guess what? 3.5-year jail to you! Surprise Surprise!”

And there her fragile happiness and all the positivity goes with a soft blow from the apex court. However, we must appreciate her for not giving up till the verdict. She kept fighting till the judgement and didn’t stop there. Before leaving all the property and luxury, Chinnamma made sure to not let Panneerselvam had the last laugh. Like a true woman in distress, she expelled the caretaker chief minister from AIADMK party and removed all those who dared to shift to the Panneerselvam faction.

Does it matter though? We guess not! The judgement is out and there you go, madam!

However, we cannot stop thinking about the sudden happiness on Panneerselvam’s face. While Sasikala is left wondering ‘Why this Kolaveri Di?’, we are so sure Panneerselvam must be dancing on the tunes of ‘Ara Ra Ra Raa’. Can you imagine all the MLAs going all mad with happiness at OPS’ residence flowing their lungis in air (no offence meant)? Now that we have told you some possibility of that, you sure can!

While just like Tom of Tom and Jerry cartoon, Sasikala was trying to blow off Panneerselvam’s life with a bomb after expelling him from the party, little did she know that Supreme Court was right there behind Tom (Sasikala), in the form of Jerry, trying to blow her life off with a bomb.

What happened then? We don’t know! All we could hear was a BOOM and it was all over, in a few minutes! Sasikala, there’s a thing about Panneer, you see! You tried to eat him down and the moment you thought you have digested it, it came back again and spoiled your Saree.

What is happening in Tamil Nadu btw? Jayalalithaa’s death, Jallikattu row, Sasikala’s conviction, no Chief Minister- let Tamil Nadu catch its breath now. Stop it! It’s been long and we cannot have it anymore.

P.S: This is a fun piece, please do not take it seriously.

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