This is what Aju Varghese has to say about Santosh Pandit


You might not agree that self-proclaimed Star Santhosh Pandit is a good actor, but with a recent act, Pandit proved that he is indeed a good person. Pandit visited Govindapuram Dalit colony, which is facing caste-based discrimination and offered financial aid to its residents. 

Pandit revealed his generous side by offering his remuneration from the film Masterpiece, in which he is sharing the screen with mega star Mammootty, to colony inmates. He also promised to find sponsors to students who wish to continue their studies. 

As the news spread, several persons came forward appreciating the act of Pandit and Malayalam actor Aju Varghese shared a video with the title ‘immense respect and true inspiration!!!”


Pandit also said that he would donate the remuneration from his next Tamil Movie for the people of the colony.

The people of the Tamil speaking Dalit Colony does not have proper houses. “Our houses were constructed 30 years ago and are badly in need of repair.

However, the panchayat is delaying funds citing one reason or the other,” Veerammal, a resident said.  

Most houses do not have strong windows or doors, and there is a serious threat to the security of women and children. In order to ensure their safety women and children spend their night in a single house while men take a turn to stay awake throughout the night. 

Issues became more severe after a Dalit girl eloped with an upper caste youth from the neighbourhood. A clash broke out, and the couple later returned to the colony after marrying legally. However, neither the police nor the political leaders have been successful in bringing a truce between the communities.

Since then people are sleeping on the premises of a local temple fearing retaliation. 

Last week, Asianet News reported the issue, and then Congress MLA V T Balram visited the colony. Following this several politicians, including Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala demanded the government to take measures to help the people of the colony. However, nothing has been done yet. 

The people of the Tamil speaking Dalit colony on Kerala-Tamil Nadu border are prevented from entering shops and other establishments run by upper caste persons. They are not even allowed to enter tea shops or barbershop, and they had to construct a temple after the Dalits were denied entry to the village temple. They are only allowed to take water from taps and tanks marked for them, even in the case of drawing water from government’s supply scheme. 

Now, the matter has taken a political twist with the Congress rallying behind the residents and the ruling CPM claiming that there is no such discrimination.