When Santhosh Pandit wrote a poem for Ranjini, Rimi | Video


When is singer Ranjini Haridas going to get married? Why did Santhosh Pandit stop using overcoat? How did the duo react after seeing their wedding rumours on social media?

It was a no-holds-barred bout for self-proclaimed superstar Santosh Pandit and anchor-turned-actress Ranjini Haridas in Onnum Onnum Moonnu, a celebrity chat show on Mazhavil Manorama hosted by singer/actor Rimi Tomy. And they played it with panache.

“Reading audience’s comments on social media is really funny. There’s nothing more entertaining than reading my Facebook messages,” reveals Ranjini.

Santhosh Pandit gave a quick word of advice to the viewers of Onnum Onnum Moonnu on this. Opinions can be sorted in two ways – suggestions and selections. Suggestions are always welcome as we are leaving it to the person’s choice to accept it or not. But most of us here are keen to do selection for others – why is she wearing this? Why are you close to that person? This is why we see these kind of comments on social media,” said Santhosh Pandit.

During the program, Santhosh Pandit impressed all by writing a poem on the spot for Rimi and Ranjini.

Watch the complete video here – a mix of LOL, ROFL and some thought provoking moments: