Why This Kolaveri Di? Jadeja asks online shopping giant – READ hilarious exchange of tweets


New Delhi: Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja is one of the most popular cricketers in India. Apart from his skills on the ground, the 28-year-old is often the butt off all jokes on social media.

Recently, Jadeja and e-commerce giant Flipkart trolled each other on social micro-blogging site Twitter.

It all started after Flipkart posted a tweet that read, “India’s new all-rounder is visiting us on January 19th. One of the best in India! Any guesses who it is?”

Jadeja reverted saying he has a match to play on January 20th, asking Flipkart to reschedule their event.

“@Flipkart Why this Kolaveri di? Should have informed me before announcing? Anyway, got a match on the 19th… let’s push this to 20th?” Jadeja said.

Flipkart replied back saying they did not know even the left-armer was also a fan of their all-rounder.

Jadeja immediately replied back saying he wasn’t a fan, but was India’s leading all-rounder.

“Fan?! I AM India’s leading all-rounder!” Jadeja tweeted.

Flipkart replied back saying like thousands of Indian, even they were Jadeja’s fan, but it wasn’t about him that they were talking about.

“@imjadeja You are one of our favorite players. But looks like there was some confusion. We weren’t talking about you,” Flipkart tweeted from its official account.

Jadeja also posted a video asking Flipkart about the mystery around their all-rounder.

Flipkart follwed it with another reply saying that they were sure their all-rounder was also an ideal one for the tons of Indians.

“@imjadeja Sir Jadeja. No offense. But we know this all-rounder will be the ideal for tons of Indians. Unsure if you can match up to him,” Flipkart said.

Flipkart later asked mobile manufacturer Redmi to intervene, after which it was hinted that the first tweet was about an upcoming mobile phone.