Amrita TV launches first reality show on Christian Choir songs


Premiering today, the show titled Deva Geetham will go on air, Monday to Friday at 7 pm slot.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 25, 2011

Malayalam entertainment channel Amrita TV has launched an unconventional reality show Deva Geetham that pioneers a contest of choir songs, rendered by the best Christian choral groups across Kerala.

The show was inaugurated by Malankara Arch Dioces Major Archbishop Most Rev. Basalios Mar Climis in the company of a galaxy of bishops and priests at Trivandrum during the Holy Week.

Deva Geetham, the first reality show for Christian Choir Songs in South India, will be launched on Amrita TV on April 25 and will go on air, Monday to Friday at 7 pm. The curtain raiser of the show will be aired on Easter, April 24 at 9 pm.

Choir music had always been an integral part of evangelical worship, for the sonorous power of music to uplift the soul and instill a sense of the divine, had been recognized since Biblical times. So the Christian devotional song category that centres around sacred religious themes or hymns in praise of the Lord, is rooted in a tradition that stretches many centuries back into the past.

The rapturous melodies of this rich musical genre which had filled the vaulted magnificence of Cathedrals for many aeons, had been confined more or less to the congregations of the churches; it will now be picturised on dazzling sets and will reverberate in millions of homes across the world through Deva Geetham.

Deva Geetham showcases 10 of the most outstanding choirs from churches in different parts of the State, each backed up by an 8-piece orchestra. They were shortlisted from a State- wide auditions process, which had 58 choir teams competing to get into the show.

Each of the 10 selected groups may have 12-15 members on stage, of which 4-5 form the core ensemble of singers while the rest provide instrumental accompaniment with basic keyboard, organ ,guitar etc. Though a group of vocalists may occupy the dais, most of the performances will be solo in nature.

The rounds give full rein to the limitless variety of themes inherent in choir music, from Christmas carols, Easter specials, film songs, Psalms, the Second coming etc to performance-rich episodes such as Angel dance, Candle dance, the Birth of Christ and soon.

The choir will put in their unified effort in front of a jury panel consisting of eminent music director Ouseppachan, himself an erstwhile choral violinist, Father Antony Uruliannikkal and a celebrity guest from the ranks of music composers or playback singers.

The first programme in Malayalam to sing hosannas to the Christian choral tradition, Deva Geetham, is a grandstand exhibition of the depth  and profusion of this consecrated branch of music.

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