Kumbadaje residents seek Malayalam medium school


In what could be viewed as a sheer irony, residents of the socially and educationally backward Kumbadaje panchayat, in the northern-most district of Kerala, has demanded setting up of a Malayalam medium high school to mitigate the plight of the children in the locality.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, office-bearers of Grama Tharangam Library and Reading Room, a cultural forum in the area, also called for upgrading the nearby Belinja Lower Primary School to pursue higher studies among children residing in the area, which has a sizeable number of Kannada-speaking families, help study in their mother-tongue Malayalam.

Plans protest

The cultural forum, seeking to address a host of grievances, has decided to stage a demonstration near the new bus station here on Friday.

They said that over 300 students were studying in the LP school at Belinja. Almost 75 students pass out every year and they are forced to seek admission to pursue higher studies in the school at Badiadukka, some 10 km away from the locality.

The students also face great hardships to commute to schools for want of enough bus services in the morning and the evening hours.

While, many students drop out after Class V, quite a few numbers of others are driven to walk over 6 km through the endosulafan-infected stretch of the Plantation Corporation of Kerala’s cashew estates, Grama Tharangam president Rasheed Belinja said.

Incidentally, most families settled in areas in the district sharing borders with Karnataka appear to be riddled with series of identity crisis as they do not have a common medium of communication nor an acceptable script to express their grievances before the authorities concerned, while the developmental projects are moving at a snail’s pace.

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