Movie Review: King And The Commissioner (Malayalam) –As If One Was Not Enough!


Let’s break the name into two ‘The King ‘and ‘The Commissioner’. Both trend setters and super duper hits. Who will forget the ‘Just remember that’ punch line from Bharath Chandran IPS (Suresh Gopi) and Mammootty’s portrayal of Joseph Alexander who does his hair a special whirl every time he completes a long-winded dialogue delivery?

Individually they were grenades waiting to explode and when they come together how would that be? A loaded cannon ready for battle? Or would it be a lost battle?

Expectations were high for most and for a few it was very low.  I was quite sure this would end up drastically bad and so I went with no expectations at all.

K and C got released in three cinemas  in Trivandrum and I had my tickets booked at New theatre. And yes, the ticket rates have been hiked at New theatre too. The first show started later than usual at 7 p.m. for a three hour movie! Bad start, if I may add.

The movie had the typical Shaji Kailas frames, shots and looks. The fire cracker dialogues were all in tact but many just didn’t make the grade. The director must have been in a dilemma on how to keep a balance between both these super stars. That was reflected in the never ending dialogues which followed one after the other – lengthy and heavily-worded super star dialogues delivered like a spewing AK 47. Yes some of them were really good; in fact I got goose bumps too. But anything in excess can be poisonous. And this was a 3 hour 15 minutes long punishment for the senses.


Yes the movie made digs at today’s media and the cheap tricks they resort to, to get a scoop and or manufacture breaking news.